The Vampire Gardners

Our Tomaoes and Jalapenos

 Luke and I transplanted our tomatoes because they were getting way to big for their hanging pot. Their roots had completly taken over. I hope to get some tomatoes from them soon. The plant in the red planter is my jalapeno. I can’t wait till we have fresh produce to make salsa. I’ll just have to get some nice green onions and a lime and I’ll have some amazing salsa :). Luke also got me a Begonia which is in a hanging pot on our front porch I think it looks pretty spiffy.

Pretty Begonia

 Strangely enough we keep doing our gardening in the middle of the night which actually works out better for me. A lot of the medicine that I take makes me very sensitive to the sun and I can have an allergic reaction and break out into a rash which is weird enough as it is with all my other allergies. Thankfully it seems like I may be able to keep these plants alive. I haven’t exactly had the best tract record with my plants. I killed an air plant for gods sakes all you have to do is occassionally spritz those with water. If this all works out maybe next year Luke and I will try to plant some more veggies and things that we can nom. I’d love to have a huge garden like my great grandma Spearman but we just don’t eat that much produce and right now have no where to put it. All our plants are in planters right now because the people paid to mow our lawn are idiots. They mowed over my minature rose bush that my mother-in-law gave me. It really pissed me off. I saw a great recipe keeper at walmart I think when I have the time I’m going to start transcribing all the family recipes I have onto recipe cards so they will be better organized. I however have started cooking like my Grandma LeaAna and just throw things in until it looks and tastes good. It’s a family tradition I suppose 🙂



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I've got a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and a lot of free time. I'm the kind of woman who loves Disney movies, because they are what I was raised on. My favorite movie is Peter Pan. I love fairy tales because they always have a happy ending or most of the time a satisfying one. I love with my whole heart. My nose is usually stuck in a book. The characters become so real, I cry with them and laugh.
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