Where I am Now

I turned in my two week notice and my last day of work was on 12/24/10. I’d spent two and a half years at a job I hated. I loved working with my clients who were adults with mental and physical disabilities. It was the incompetence that was rampant in management and the lack of respect for their employees that finally drove me out.

In my last 9 months there I had been working the suicide shift. I’d go in at 10pm Friday and get off work at 3pm on Sunday. Unless my relief was late and then it was anyone’s guess for when I’d finally get to go home. I was allowed to sleep from 10pm until 6am when I had to get up and give medication. Unless of course one of the clients decided they didn’t want to sleep and stayed up until 3 or 4am. Then I just had to deal.

It was one of the most stressful jobs I’ve ever had. I was so stressed out, I continually became ill. I had to take off work for severe bronchitis/upper respiratory infection with a doctors note. Then I had to deal with my manager calling me in after I’d dropped off my sick leave request to fill out Family Medical Leave Act paperwork just because she was angry and thought I wasn’t actually sick. I crawled back into the office and filled out the paperwork only to find out it was completely unnecessary and that I wasn’t even eligible for it.

It escalated from there. I wasn’t able to take vacation even though I had it. I worked Black Friday and the weekend following. Then I was scheduled to work Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Years Eve, New Years Day. Family is very important to me and I wasn’t going to be allowed to see them. I decided to suck it up and work all those holidays and let everyone else see their families. I just wanted to be off the second week of January so I could go to my husband’s cousins baby shower. They are an amazing couple and great friends as well as family. They had been trying for years to conceive and were finally pregnant with a little girl. To say it was a joyous occasion would be an understatement. I put in the request at the beginning of December. And was told the day that I put in my two weeks notice I wouldn’t be able to take it off even though I had vacation.

I was tired of being bullied, tramped, on and over all being treated like shit by a company that I had spent two and a half years of my life bleeding for. I filled out my resignation letter and left on my managers desk that day.

I felt like a weight had lifted off my shoulders. I got to spend the holidays with my family. I came back from my holiday and started scouring the classifieds and looking for a new job.

I spent a little over 7 months jobless. I filled out countless applications and only had a few interviews. At the public library I applied at least 6 different times for various positions. I finally started applying for anything and everything.

I had  job interview that I didn’t even really care about or want. It was a customer service position with a local textbook seller. It was still a job so I still went. I arrived and completed some writing tests, and then used a computer to navigate their site. Then miracles of miracles I got the job.

It’s temporary for now. I’ve done two weeks of training and am now on my second week of being solo. Next week starts the rush for textbook purchases and we are going to be crazy busy. For a job I wasn’t excited about, I really enjoy it. I’ve met some very interesting people and made some new friends. I’m actually getting out of the house even if it is just for work.

That’s where I am now, and there’s so much still before me. Life is an adventure and for now I’m loving the ride.

About solsticekitten

I've got a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and a lot of free time. I'm the kind of woman who loves Disney movies, because they are what I was raised on. My favorite movie is Peter Pan. I love fairy tales because they always have a happy ending or most of the time a satisfying one. I love with my whole heart. My nose is usually stuck in a book. The characters become so real, I cry with them and laugh.
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1 Response to Where I am Now

  1. Ashley Harris says:

    You are the bomb! Should never stay at a place that makes you sick. Love and miss you!

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